Which are the top 10 worldwide lotteries with the highest number of participants this year?

    While the exact number of participants may fluctuate throughout the year, here are ten of the most popular worldwide lotteries, known for their large number of participants:

    1. Powerball (United States)
    2. EuroMillions (Europe)
    3. Mega Millions (United States)
    4. El Gordo de Navidad (Spain)
    5. SuperEnalotto (Italy)
    6. Oz Lotto (Australia)
    7. UK National Lottery (United Kingdom)
    8. La Primitiva (Spain)
    9. Thunderball (United Kingdom)
    10. Lotto 6aus49 (Germany)

    Please note that the popularity and number of participants may vary year by year, and there are other highly popular lotteries in different countries as well.

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