What are the top 10 events hosted by casinos to boost tourism after Covid-19 this year?

It is important to note that event plans and rankings can vary based on location and specific casino offerings. However, here are ten potential events that casinos might host to boost tourism after Covid-19:

1. Grand Casino Reopening Gala: A high-profile event to mark the reopening of a casino after the pandemic, featuring live entertainment, celebrity appearances, and special promotions.

2. Poker Tournaments: Big poker events featuring professional players and high-stakes prize pools, attracting avid poker players from around the world.

3. Music Concerts: Hosting popular music bands or artists for live concerts, drawing music enthusiasts and fans to experience the casino’s offerings.

4. Comedy Shows: Comedy performances by renowned stand-up comedians, bringing laughter and entertainment to the casino’s visitors.

5. Food and Wine Festivals: Showcasing a wide variety of cuisines, top chefs, and fine wines, offering a gourmet experience for food and wine enthusiasts.

6. Magic Shows: Enthralling magic performances by famous illusionists and magicians, presenting captivating acts and leaving audiences amazed.

7. Sports Events and Sportsbook Promotions: Collaborating with sports teams or leagues to host live sports events, along with promotions and special betting offers through the casino’s sportsbook.

8. Casino Gaming Tournaments: Organizing large-scale casino gaming tournaments, such as slot machine competitions, blackjack championships, or roulette tournaments, with significant prizes to attract gamblers.

9. Fashion Shows: Hosting glamorous fashion shows featuring renowned designers, models, and industry influencers, combining fashion and casino experiences.

10. Art Exhibitions: Showcasing art collections, contemporary artists, or special exhibitions, bringing cultural experiences to casino visitors.

These events aim to create a diverse range of entertainment options, attracting tourists from different interests while highlighting the casino’s amenities and offerings. Actual event availability and options may vary depending on the specific casino and region.

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