Which are the top 10 gambling-related scandals that shook the industry this year?

As an AI language model, my responses are based on information available up until September 2021. Here are ten gambling-related scandals that have shaken the industry in recent years:

1. 1MDB scandal: This multi-billion-dollar scandal involved the misuse of funds by Malaysian officials, some of which were allegedly used for gambling in high-stakes casinos around the world.

2. Money laundering allegations against Macau junket operators: Macau, a global gambling hub, faced allegations that its junket operators facilitated money laundering by providing services to high-rollers with questionable backgrounds.

3. UK Gambling Commission’s regulatory failures: The UK Gambling Commission faced criticism this year for alleged regulatory failures, such as not adequately protecting vulnerable gamblers and failing to address widespread gambling industry issues.

4. FIFA corruption scandal: While not directly related to gambling, the FIFA corruption scandal involved bribery and illegal payments surrounding the awarding of football tournament hosting rights. These tournaments often attract significant betting activity.

5. Illegal Chinese gambling operations: Throughout the year, authorities cracked down on illegal gambling operations in China, leading to several high-profile scandals related to underground casinos and online gambling sites.

6. Match-fixing in esports: There have been cases of match-fixing scandals in the realm of esports, a fast-growing industry that attracts gambling interest. These scandals involve players intentionally losing matches or manipulating outcomes for financial gain.

7. Wirecard scandal: Although not gambling-specific, Wirecard’s collapse had repercussions in the online gambling industry, as it served as a payment processor for numerous gambling platforms. The scandal involved a massive accounting fraud and financial mismanagement.

8. Problematic celebrity endorsements: There have been scandals related to celebrities promoting gambling platforms without proper disclosures or in cases where the gambling operator faced allegations of unethical practices.

9. Regulation violations by online gambling operators: Several gambling operators have faced scandals related to violations of regulations, often involving failure to implement proper responsible gambling measures or inadequate protection of customer data.

10. Loot box controversies: Loot boxes, often found in video games, have faced scrutiny for blurring the line between gaming and gambling. Several countries have debated whether they should be classified as gambling products or subject to stricter regulations.

Please note that scandal rankings may vary depending on personal perspectives and the time of reference.

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