Which are the top 10 celebrities endorsing online casinos this year?

It is important to note that celebrity endorsements of online casinos vary by region and can change over time. Additionally, it is crucial to promote responsible gambling and acknowledge that celebrity endorsements should not be seen as an endorsement of gambling as a whole. With that being said, here are ten celebrities who have been known to endorse online casinos at different times:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Humanitarian, Portuguese footballer.
2. Neymar Jr. – Brazilian footballer.
3. Mike Tyson – Former professional boxer.
4. Rafael Nadal – Spanish tennis player.
5. Usain Bolt – Jamaican former sprinter.
6. Tiger Woods – American professional golfer.
7. Wayne Rooney – Retired English footballer.
8. Dan Bilzerian – American professional poker player and social media influencer.
9. Boris Becker – German retired tennis player.
10. Tony Parker – French former basketball player.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and endorsements can change over time.

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