Which are the top 10 biggest corporate social responsibility initiatives by gambling companies this year?

While I cannot provide the most up-to-date information regarding this year, as my training data only goes up until September 2021, I can provide you with some examples of notable corporate social responsibility initiatives undertaken by gambling companies in recent years. However, please note that their ranking in terms of size and impact may vary. Here are ten such initiatives:

1. William Hill – The company launched the “Nobody Harmed” initiative, aiming to reduce gambling-related harm through employee training, research, and customer protection tools.

2. Bet365 – Bet365 implemented multiple responsible gambling initiatives, including enhanced customer protection measures, a partnership with gambling addiction treatment providers, and improved in-play betting monitoring.

3. Paddy Power Betfair – The company formed a responsible gambling strategy called “Changing for the Bettor,” focusing on customer protection, promoting responsible gambling messages, and providing self-help tools.

4. Kindred Group – Kindred Group launched the “Player Safety Early Detection System” (PS-EDS) to monitor player behavior and identify potential signs of gambling addiction.

5. GVC Holdings – GVC introduced a comprehensive responsible gambling program called “Changing for the Bettor,” including increased funding for research and treatment of problem gambling, improved customer protections, and responsible marketing practices.

6. Ladbrokes Coral Group – The company invested in a responsible gambling program called “Changing for the Bettor,” which aimed to implement industry-leading safeguards and improve player protection across its operations.

7. MGM Resorts International – MGM Resorts focused on environmental sustainability with its program called “MGM 2020,” aiming to reduce its carbon emissions and implement sustainable practices throughout its resorts and properties.

8. Caesars Entertainment – Caesars Entertainment implemented a wide range of social and environmental initiatives, such as waste reduction, responsible supply chain management, and community development programs.

9. Rank Group – Rank Group launched a responsible gambling program called “Committed to Safer Gambling,” which focused on training employees to identify signs of addiction and implementing harm reduction measures.

10. 888 Holdings – The company launched the “Safer Gambling” initiative, which included funding gambling addiction research, enhancing responsible gambling tools, and creating a specialized customer care team for vulnerable players.

Please note that this list represents a selection of initiatives, and there may be additional noteworthy corporate social responsibility efforts by gambling companies. To obtain the most recent and comprehensive information, it would be best to consult the individual gambling companies’ websites or reports on their CSR activities.

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